Thursday, November 10, 2011

Christmas is in the air!

Christmas is in the air around here! I have always gotten very excited about Christmas but this year I am way more excited than normal! Blame it on having our own house and not being 9 months preggers, or that I am a mommy now, but either way- im PSYCHED! We have Cambrie's first birthday party, we also have Lexi's first birthday the 7th of December, her party the 10th, and my parents are coming in town for 3 days. I love Thanksgiving as well!! We usually wait until the day after Thanksgiving to put up our tree but I think this year we are going to be rebels! I am ready to put it up now!! Plus we have Lexi's Birthday and Christmas shopping done and we need to wrap them because she is already trying to get them open! Is anyone else very excited? Or decorating early this year?? I also used to hate Christmas music and this year? I.LOVE.IT!! I have it playing already on my pandora station on my Iphone! and a kids one for Lexi!
This year I would love to make a different type of cookie/dessert every 2 or 3 days a week! This could be very unhealthy but very delicious! I am ready to get this party started! I have also started buying Christmas decorations and I have the lists made. I saw today the Black Friday ads and I am hoping that since the hubs has off Thanksgiving and the day after that I can have some mommy shopping time! That would be nice. The ads weren't that great but they have a few things that I am interested in. And the outlet mall is way close to me so we might have to hit that up as well! I am so very excited and I must have said that a hundred times in this post!



I'm done Christmas shopping but I'm not as excited for Christmas this year as I was last year. I have been listening to Christmas music though. Last year we decorated the 2nd weekend in November. I think we'll wait until the day after Thanksgiving this year. It definitely is going to be a different experience with toddlers around. Glad you're so excited :)

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