Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Management & Organization

Before I had Lexi I was very organized and the house was always clean. I was blessed to get to sty home for the last trimester of my pregnancy so as you can imagine, I stayed busy daydreaming about the days our little girl would be here. I dreamt of everything I would take her to do, the holidays, how the house would always be clean, dinner cooked, laundry caught up, etc. Well talk about a rude awakening once this little body was home from the hospital! My mom stayed with me in the hospital and for the first 3 weeks to help out with Lexi and get some bonding time in. We knew we probably wouldn't see them again until my sis graduated and she would be 5 months old. My mom was a God send! She was so helpful with anything! She would wake up with her at night and give her a pumped bottle and let me sleep, she would cook & clean, she kept me sane, and most of all- she was just there!  I figured that we would get into our own little routine eventually and my little baby is going to be a toddler soon. Moral of the story- we never got organized.(and before someone freaks, Lexi  So now I am going to get us into a routine and hope that this gives me more time to craft or whatever I may need to do.
So I am going to write it out here because that means I am accountable, right? Welp, here is the plan:
Monday:  sweep kitchen and bathroom
Tuesday: vacuum & clean kitchen
Wednesday: sweep kitchen and bathroomThursday: vacuum, clean kitchen, and dust
Friday: sweep kitchen and bathroom
Satuday: mop kitchen and bathroom

Everyday I plan to straighten up and do dishes & bottles.

I am also going to go as far as to plan out our day, so here it goes:
Wake up & give Lexi her morning milk
watch cartoons & fold laundry with Lexi
put laundry away and put Lexi down for nap
get things done while Lexi naps
feed Lexi her breakfast & do chores once she finishes
play & read books for a bit and run errands if necessary
lunch for both of us and pull out food for dinner
Lexi time to play by herself & I work on bows, etc.
Lexi nap and mommy internet time
cook dinner and finish everything up
family time!!

I hope I didn't bore you to death and I hope this works out! We definitely need some sort of a system going on! What do you do to keep everything together and not constantly feel like you are losing your mind?



Um can I "steal" your plan? With all the moving we've been doing I have yet to get into a routine/plan and it has left me feeling so overwhelmed. I really hope this works for you and I hope you'll update with how it's working. I hope once we're settled in Florida I can get something put into action.

Ashley @ KiwisandCocktails

ha- I thought I was going to get SOOO much stuff done while on maternity leave and that didnt happen! Good luck with your schedules. I need a cleaning schedule...or better yet, a cleaning lady. lol

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