Friday, April 29, 2011

Giving Giveaways a try!

So I love winning things, it doesn't happen very much, but when I do I get so very excited! I'm like a little kid in a candy store!! I always enjoy browsing new places to buy cute and unique stuff. Well this morning when I was blog browsing I found this giveaway that's giving away bibs. If you have a baby in general, much less a baby with reflux you know you can never ever have to many bibs or burp cloths! Plus for them to be cute to boot, how can you go wrong? Well Dot and Clover  has a giveaway going on where she is giving away a couple way cute bibs! Go check it out!!
Another giveaway that is going on right now is a cloth diaper system! go check this one out as well Flip System giveaway!! This one is for a wet bag to store your cloth diapers in. Everyone who uses cloth needs one!! Enter here! wet bag giveaway!
I am definitely entering to win this set of different little things. We use these so it would be a definite plus for us as we start buying all our cloth needs! maybe you could get lucky and win it to, it is worth a try.. Earth Day Giveaway! Good luck!! 
I have heard that bumgenius diapers are amazing so I am definitely entering this giveaway as well! BumGenuis! If you are interested in trying out cloth, these are a great one to try!
I will let ya know how I do on this giveaway thing! fingers crossed :) im excited!

Today is not a good day for my lil Lexi. I don't know what is wrong with my lil princess. She is very clingy and crabby and doesn't want me to put her down. I guess we will be cuddling lots today! i don't mind though :)

Last night we went to this group at our church 'Young Adults' and we really enjoyed ourselves! I think this will be a weekly thing for us. A plus is that we got to bring Lexi with us :) that to me is a double winner!!

Monday morning is Lexi's opthamologist visit and I am already getting nervous! I know it is probably going to be easy and painless but everytime we get sent for a new test or specialist I get very nervous. And the hubs is working so it will just be just me and Lexi. Praying everything goes well! Sorry for the post being everywhere it is just a scatterbrained kind of day! have a great weekend everyone! <3


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