Sunday, April 10, 2011

1 Year Anniversary and Hubby's 22nd Birthday!!

Today is a big day for us! It is our one year anniversary! What an accomplishment to have made it through our first year! It has been quite a year, rough but blessed beyond belief!! At this time last year I was preparing to walk down the aisle to my love :) I loved my wedding but thankful it is over bc that was wayyyyyyyy stressful! Today is also the hubsters birthday! I know, we got married on his birthday, but not so he could remember, although it will help! lol We have a thing with 10's. His bday is the 10th, mine is the 10th, and we wanted to get married on a 10 but were to excited to wait til 10.10.2010! so here we are a year later. We have accomplished alot together as a couple. We have our own little place now, a beautiful baby girl, and a steady job that the hubby loves! what a blessing! So happy one year baby and birthday! I love you!!

He surprised me with truffles this morning and a card that Lexi picked out for me. How sweet of the both of them!! <3 I love them so much! So today Im baking some brownies for dinner and going to go get Ry his cards and a little something. He already got his gift but I have to get him a little something! He spoils me so I don't mind!

Last night was a scary one. I know I haven't posted about this because I was kind of upset about it. I know, stupid. But anywho because of medical issues Lexi will be on an apnea monitor at night and during naps (during naps if I feel it is necessary). I thought in the beginning this would ease my mind but I was so wrong. The first day was so stressful because the guy had to come out and show me. Then her nurse had to come as well and ask me all these questions. Well come to find out Lexi will be seeing a home health care nurse 2x weekly! this is good and bad at the same time. Its good because our dr is finally doing something but bad because I feel like he knows something I don't for them to be coming out that much. Idk maybe I'm just a paranoid mommy.. but anywho the first night I was up pretty much all night thinking 'is this thing working', 'is it on', 'is it going to go off', 'what am i going to do if it does go off?', etc. As you can tell I was a little paranoid. But we got through the first night without it going off or anything. Last night, however, it went off. Needless to say, I freaked out! I reached over to see if she was breathing and her chest wasn't moving! I was so upset I jumped outta bed and ran to turn on the light and took her cover off and thank God she started moving! I was so shaken by this. And a crazy part, this thing was super loud and the hubby slept right through it! Wow I am glad I didn't! So when her nurse comes today we will be discussing this. What exactly does that mean? Does she have apnea? I'm so confused and shaken up by this! What a night! Thanks for listening to me vent about how scared I was!

Well I'm off to get some things accomplished today, that is my goal!! Have a blessed Sunday everyone!! <3


Cara S.

Well happy birthday to the hubs, and happy anniversary. I love the 10-10 thing you got going on!


thanks :)

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