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Sorry I have been kinda MIA lately. My internet was down then my bestie came in to visit <3 busy weekend it was!!! So all you mommies out there I have a question for ya! I have recently been faced with a new situation I'm kind of confused on what to do!! Lexi has been very very fussy lately and I know some of it is teething. Does anyone have any good tricks to help comfort her?? Also,she just recently started this new thing that if I'm not the person holding her she freaks out. She did it before but now it seems to be getting worse. She even does it for the hubs! it is insane! i know that she is really attached to me because I'm her main caregiver but does anyone else have this problem? I just don't know what to do anymore but I need help! I can't hold her her whole life lol I would love to but I can't! I wish I could! but that just is not reality! Anyone have any suggestions? I think some of it is separation anxiety but she is still very young for that I think! My third question is how can I slowly break Lexi of being held 24/7 and learn to play on her own a little bit. I'm totally against crying it out (no offense to anyone who does this, I just personally can't do it)? She is getting better but is still pretty difficult with it. I love my baby girl more than anything and I'm not complaining one bit! I just would love suggestions on how to get these little habits broken. any advice is gladly accepted :) thanks!!

On another note I'm going to give you a picture parade to sum up our weekend because I think that will be easier and faster! Hope everyone had a great weekend!
I love love love this picture!
This picture is hilarious but if you look at it too long it is kinda scary lol
This is Lexi and Aunt Sassie (my bestie)
Geez Aunt Sassie, this asparagus is disgusting :/
the girls <3
I really want an Iphone!! <3

It was a wonderful 2 days with my bestie! i love her to death! she's like a sis to me and loves Lexi like her own :) she is the BEST!!! I did some crafts but i will post bout that tomorrow :)



I dealt with the same thing around the 4 to 5 month old range. I read up on it, and studies show that for some reason that is when they realize that the mommy can leave them, and they can't do anything about it. So they fuss a lot to keep you near. It will get better. For self-play, I try and always keep my baby in a position that he can see me, and I talk to him A LOT, constantly really. First start trying to leave her for just a minute or two then come back and offer her a new toy (just one that she's not playing with at the time). And do that in increasing intervals. She'll get used to the idea that you can leave, but you will come back! Good luck!

Walking by Faith

We definitely went through this stage, but it hit even earlier for us.... around the 3 month mark. She's gotten better with it now, but we pretty much just had to ride it out. I mentioned it to my doctor at one of her checkups and was told that it's really important when you give her to someone else and she starts crying, NOT to take her back right away. It can send the message that she's not safe unless she's with you. I don't know how true that statement is, but I definitely did try to get her used to being held by other people and not me. I'm luck enough to have my family nearby and could do this more often. I'm with you, though. The longer she would cry, the more my heart would break! It will get easier, I promise! Hang in there, girl.

By the way, I love the pictures! She is SUCH doll baby!!


thanks ladies! I will have to try these new things :) i know she will grow out of it (hopefully at least lol) but I would love to make it easier!

Ashley @ KiwisandCocktails

What a Cutie!!! I havent dealt with teething yet, but my Sister in law used the amber teething necklaces and swears by them. She sent me on to use. I have also heard the Sophie the Giraffe toy works well...I have one, but again- havent gotten to that stage yet :) Good luck and let us know what works for you!


i have just recently heard of both of those! im definitely getting a Sophie! she is too cute and works great!! and i might have to try the amber necklaces as well :) thanks!

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