Saturday, April 23, 2011

Cloth Diaper Change!!!

Today was a very busy day for us and last night we had our first family bonfire!! It was quite a success! Lexi and myself were so very ready to get outta the house! It felt like we had been cooped up for forever! On our way out there Lexi was so calm and relaxed and it was a wonderful break! She saw some family that hasn't held her yet and she let everyone hold her without screaming! What an accomplishment! I'm so proud of my baby girl! At the same time however it makes me very sad! :/ im realizing she really doesn't need me as much anymore :/ i guess she has to start needing me less anyway! its bittersweet!
Daddy and Lexi at the bonfire
mommy & Lexi (dont like this pic :/)
We have this super cool bounce at the MIL's house with a net on it cuz she lives by the water and the mosquitos are TERRIBLE!
This is a cute little family pic. i like it :)

That is enough pictures of our little bonfire outing! Now onto what I am really excited about :) Today we went to our cloth diaper change event in the park and we are going to be in Guinness Book of World Records! What an awesome thing! We had a bunch of people meet up and everyone around the world simultaneously changed their baby's diaper at the same time! this was to raise awareness of cloth diapers :) We had a blast, made some new friends, and got a free diaper (which im excited to try )! We also went on our first easter egg hunt and took a pic with the Easter bunny! It was a blast! I hope to do a post on our cloth diaper experience very soon! But im very proud of the hubs! I haven't had to change a poopy diaper yet (lucky me haha) but this morning he changed the first poopy diaper all by himself and did great! what a trooper!! <3 Here is the pics to re-cap our day! Hope everyone has a blessed Easter and remembers the reason for the season! Enjoy! 
This is Lexi's outfit (tutu and bow made by mom <3 )
mom i really like these eggs! <3
I really like this pic <3
Lexi's first Easter egg :)
i love this pic so much. (above pic)

This is our friend Brooke and her daughter Elianna!! 
Lexi and the Easter Bunny!
This is the last one i promise!

I hope I didn't bore you to death with all the pics of my lil princess!!


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