Monday, April 4, 2011

What a wonderful start to the week!!!

 Everyday I am reminded again and again just how Blessed we are By Our God and Savior! There are many reasons I say this but one of them is pretty exciting! I was checking the blogs that I follow this morning, one of them being Little Rays of Sunshine,   and I found out that I was the winner of her giveaway!! What a tremendous blessing! I am making new friends and winning stuff now! I'm very excited!! Thank you very much :) Lexi is guna LOVE this hat and leg warmer set!! <3

Another reason that I say we are so blessed is because we have a beautiful, healthy (other than a couple issues but nothing major), thriving little girl! She brightens my world more and more everyday. Today we are praying for a friend of ours whose little boy is undergoing heart surgery as we speak. Any prayers we are certainly thankful for. We do know that God has had his  hand on this situation from day one and everything happening is in his will for this baby boy! He is so handsome too may i say!

Well now we are off to go clean and try to enjoy some of this extremely windy weather :)




so i have no idea how to contact you other than this! ha ha! But it's great to meet you! :-)
etsy is well...egh. good for some people I guess. Just not me. I don't know if it's because I'm not promoting it right or what, but i don't have a good website domain to tell people, and so it's confusing to tell people how to get to my Etsy site. I tried letting all my friends know about my shop through facebook and in the months that I've had my account open I've only sold one headband...and that was through a friend of a friend. So it's discouraging unless you want to spend the money to advertise. I told Kim to try consignment shops. They've worked the best for me! :-) Hope this helps! See you around!

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