Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Lexi's First Easter

This was Lexi's first Easter as you could all guess! It was nothing like I had expected unfortunately. We had a very rough and long night Saturday night with Lexi's reflux, but that is another post coming soon! So therefore we had a very tired baby and mommy and on top of that my sinuses were kicking my butt. Not a good first Easter but at least she was so little it didn't matter! and our Savior has risen!! We gave her a little basket of course (we love spoiling her)!
Her basket had all sorts of little goodies. 3 kinds of puffs she can't eat for a while(they dont expire any time soon) a couple books, two swimsuits, bubbles(for me to blow for her), a tambourine (under close supervision) a rubber ducky, and a rattle! 
she was very excited about these! can you tell she likes food hahaha
she loves books!!
She had to try the rattle out before we moved on. 
Little booger didn't want to give tambourine back! silly girl
She is very interested in these puffs, it makes me feel bad for telling her no :/ lol

she had to see how the books tasted as well
Which one do I want to wear first? 
Me & Lex Lex after church! (she was a hungry baby not a happy camper)

This pretty much sums up our Easter. Ryan had to work so it wasn't very much fun but hopefully next year will be much better! Hope everyone had a blessed Easter!!



Thanks for visiting my blog today!! Lexie is so cute!!

Callie Nicole

Oh, Lexi is so cute! Love her little Easter basket.

Callie Nicole

I tried to reply to your comment by e-mail, but figured out that I couldn't, so i'll just write here! Wyatt doesn't spit up too much at all, thankfully - I think we just got lucky there. I hope Lexi's reflux gets better! That would be no fun. My mom informs me that I spit up half my food like everytime I ate as a baby, but somehow I still gained weight, so I guess that's the important thing. :-) Thanks for commenting on my blog, I'm looking forward to reading more of your blog!

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