Thursday, April 21, 2011

New doctor!!!

Today we saw a new doctor and it was such a relief!! I understand so many things so much better now and even learned some new things!! We went to a new dr cuz our old one was a very big jerk to me and didnt take me seriously at all :/ this was not cool at all and had me very stressed out. Well this new dr is guna be my best friend. i totally understand him and what is going on with Lexi. I finally have trust in a doctor. this is great!!
So I'm sure you are all wondering what exactly is going on with her. Well the good news is that it isn't apnea!! this is such a relief to me. the bad news is that she has GERD and she has had it since she was born :/ why did our other dr not tell us this? what a joke! so this is why she is always so irritable and crying so much. i feel so bad for my lil cupcake! this breaks my heart </3. Her apnea monitor has been going off at night due to the GERD. interesting.
As for poohing issue, we will be seeing a specialist. The only downfall to this is that we have to wait until June! my poor baby has to deal with this for another month plus :/ this stinks! She is also seeing an optamologist in May. She is prob so sick of drs, poor baby. she is such a trooper.
We go back in 2 weeks to new dr to see how she is doing then!
I feel so relieved now. Thank God for this new doctor. Now I know we will get answers! <3


Cara S.

Aww, your poor little angel. That must be so hard for you to have to wait until June, but on the bright side at least you found a new doctor you love! Best of luck, keep us posted.


definitely a relief!! thanks :)

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