Thursday, April 28, 2011

Cloth Diapers

Today I am going to do a post on cloth diapers. I have been wanting to for a while now but I just didn't know too much and haven't had the time really. But today is the day!! We just started Lexi on cloth diapers about 2 weeks ago and let me say before this, I didn't even know people still use cloth diapers! Well a friend of ours got us interested and took us to our close store to kind of show me the ropes. I really wanted to do it as soon as I heard but everyone else was very apprehensive towards it. It took a few weeks but then I decided to go ahead and try them against everyone's judgement. well originally i was going to do the fitted diapers with the super cute covers and use the biodegradeable disposable liner. When I actually went to buy some I changed my mind. I ended up going with G diapers b/c I got a really great deal on them. I was/still am using pre-folds in them to make sure I was committed before spending the extra. Well immediately I loved them! They are amazing and super cute! They are going to save us so much money, I'm so happy and feel so great about them! Well then this past weekend we went to the cloth diaper change event and they gave us a free fuzzibunz one size pocket diaper and that changed my mind completely! I fell in love immediately! So now what I have decided is that we are going to use those! They come in all kinds of colors as well, so how can you go wrong! And we would only have to buy the ones we need cuz they are one size and wouldn't have to start over with our next kiddo! I'm ecstatic about this! lame- i know!!

Then we have a neighbor expecting a baby in October and I have converted her to cloth as well! How awesome is that! What we are doing right now is cloth during the day and then we use a disposable at night. I think eventually we are going to do a wool diaper b/c I hear they work wonders at night and don't leak, but we will see!

The only thing I am really dealing with right now is the negative attitudes toward it. Many many people look at me like I am crazy when I change her diaper or say we use cloth? Why is it that its so looked  down upon? I want to do the absolute best that I can for my daughter in each and every way and if that means cloth diapering then I am totally for it and if I can save money hell yea!!! Im totally for it!! but anywho! sorry for ranting, I just get a little caught up lol (and this is not to say that people who dont use cloth diapers are bad or wrong in any way! i totally understand! to each their own, i have no problem with disposables!! )

Hope everyone has a great day!! <3



We have gotten some negative comments to using cloth as well. Only thing I can think of is maybe they feel we are judging them if they don't also use cloth? But I try to make it clear that we are just doing what we feel is best for OUR baby. :)

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