Thursday, January 12, 2012

Sick Hubs

I am a paranoid hypochondriac. In case anyone was wondering! Every little pain I feel i think the worst! If i have a pain On my right side I immediately think I am dying of appendicitis! It actually is pretty sad. Then I get the nervous feeling and all upset and worried. I am learning to hand It over to God but it has been a hard lesson. Right now the hubs is hving some Pain on his right side. Of course I immediately thought appendicitis but I didnt mention anything because I didnt want to freak him Out. The hubs doesnt go to the dr ever and he doesnt miss work. When he made a dr appt today at 8am This mornin I knew it was serious! Then when he called to tell Me He was taking the rest of the day off, I knew just how serious it was. Bless his heart, he isnt a complainer and you can tell he is in pain! I feel so terrible for him. The dr didnt know what it was and made him get Blood work done and wants an ultrasound immediately. I started doing Some Research and freaked Myself out. From what I am Reading it seems like it might be appendicitis. I just hope he is okay and gets outta pain soon! I feel so very terrible for Him! So if you don't Mind please say a prayer for him and my nerves. Thanks so much!! And hopefully we get good news tom!


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