Friday, January 13, 2012

Interesting dr appt!

Yesterday i had my doctor appt, well the second of this week. It was my Annual- lucky me! We dont have a babysitter or anyone close to us to watch Lexi so She was partaking on the journey. Needless to say, it was an interesting Day. I called early yesterday morning to get their address bc it wasnt pulling up on my GPS. come to find out it was a 25 min Drive! The whole reason i chose them Is because it was Close to my house. That was kinda aggravating. Well when I got there I felt better bc the place was huge! So huge that there was no parking and I had to walk a long long way with a toddler. If i was preg and had to make that walk I would be really mad. But thats not even The worst of it. I kid you not when I Tell
You i have no sense of direction. I get lost with my GPS so without it you can imagine. So i walk into the women's tower- wrong Place! This was the birthing unit.. Then I follow the lady's directions to the next place and get all signed in. Well the first thing I see is 'no children over 6 weeks allowed' wow! How the heck am i supposed to do That? We dont have a babysitter or anything. So I sign in and this little monster of a kid runs up to Lexi and grabs her hand Immediately! I couldnt even get to Lexi because this kid was in my way. So the mom Takes her away. It was Lexi's snack time so i poured puffs on her tray. The monster kid RAN all the way across the room, grabbed some of Lexi's puffs and walked away! Are you kidding me?!?! And you know what her mom did? NOTHING! i was soooo mad. They then called me to the counter and told me I was at the wrong place again! I was so thankful! They sent me to the right place finally. What an adventure! So I get to the right office and sign in. The receptionist was so rude I was thinking it was going to be a horrible experience. Lexi made bad decisions in the waiting room and acted terrible and threw tantrums. I could have literally cried, I was so embarassed! Finally our name was called and we had a really sweet nurse. She held Lexi while i got weighed, weighing in at 101.1 lb! Lexi of course freaked out. We then sat there an waited. She did great in the actual office and the dr was really great with her and understandingo why she was with me. I really liked him. He was comcerned with some stuff I had going On so he sent me for an ultrasound. That was fun with Lexi as well. Overall, she did much better than I anticipated (especially considering she didnt have a nap) and I am so proud of her! But next time I will find someone to watch her :)


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