Sunday, January 8, 2012

Happenings lately!

Sorry for being MIA lately! With the computer being broken I havent had the motivation to blog- but I am Back!! We have been semi busy and I am going to update you bullet style!
*we finally found a church thats perfect for us! Lexi even went in nursery today! I had to go in 3 times but that was my fault bc i checked on her and forgot to change her diaper. Oops!
*Our car is in the shop yet again :( so i am driving around this teeny tiny little clown car with no power windows or locks. But the company is paying for it all so i cant complain.
*we looked at new trucks and chose the one we wanted and everything and decided against it. (i am Secretly excited!)
*I started my planner/home organization notebook and I am Very excited! We dont have a printer so I scrapbooked the whole thing. I have had a blast doing it and i cant wait to finish. Maybe I will post pics and maybe a tutorial! Hmmm
*it has really been on my heart lately to really get more into my Etsy shop. I kinda quit it because i have been discouraged with it but i might just give it another shot! With Lexi being more independent lately i hve more free time on my hands.
I hope everyone is doing great!!


Walking by Faith

Glad to see you back! That's so great about finding a new church that is a perfect fit for your family. It's a wonderful feeling! I hear ya on the whole Etsy shop business. I don't have one yet, but I've been thinking about opening one for my crochet shop as there hasn't been much business on my Facebook page since Christmas. Good luck with it, girl! :)

Kim @ Little Rays of Sunshine


I'd lve to see a tutorial about your organizer/planner. I would have never have thought to use scrapbook stuff. I might bookmark it for next years planner!

I'd love to see more stuff in your etsy shop. If we are having a girl, you best believe I'll be buying bows from you. I love your burp cloths too! What else have you thought about adding?

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