Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Baby Fever & Lexi's newest discoveries!

Boy Oh boy baby fever has been crazy lately- however, not for me! I am perfectly content with Lexi my little cupcake toddler. And quite honestly, i still have my hands full and feel overwhelmed sometimes. Sometimes I still have to double take because she is really mine :) she is such a blessing and makes us so happy! We just arent ready for Lexi to be a big sis yet.
We have lots of friends expecting- lots! I can think of 10 off the top of my Head! (I am Certainly Not drinking the water, ha!) ((congrats Ashley, cant wait to find out sex!))

This little girl Is a trip! She really makes me laugh with all the stuff she is doing lately! She has been being such a great little helper. When I go grocery shopping and come home to unload she will grab the handles on the bags and pull them Into the kitchen for me! It is so cute and she is so strong! When i am Sweeping she will pick up the dust pan for me and bring it right to where i need it. So sweet! Yesterday, she picked up the broom And was sweepin, ha! Gotta train them up, right?

She has also been quite the little talker this last week. She always used to babble alot but now she babbles like she knows what she is trying to say. SHe says words here and there, but never repeats them. She is also starting to talk with her hands alot and thats hilarious! She is beginning to use yes and no when appropriate. She amazes me every day how much she is learning and taking in on a daily basis. Amazing! I am Sure i am Forgetting some Things but oh well.


Jessica @ a new adventure

Sounds like she is becoming a little helper. : ) oh, I'm not drinking the water either. My baby factory is closed until LL potty trained.


This post made me laugh! I have noticed quite a few bloggers making pregnancy announcements (I think I'm following 6 that are due this year plus I have 4 IRL friends due between may and july (plus myself). We're done after this peanut so I'm really hoping for a girl!

Lexi sounds like a trip, I hope we can all get together some day!

Ashley @ KiwisandCocktails

I love it!! I love how she is being your little helper. I hope ANika will be like that. NO baby on board for me, dont worry!

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