Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sleep Problems! HELP!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay I am in dire need of help right now. Lexi has always been a decent sleeper, could be worse but could be better. Well in the last 3 weeks her sleep patterns have gone to, excuse my language, HELL! it has been a disaster. I have literally slept like 4 hours a night for 3 weekS!!! i am so sleep deprived its ridiculous. im not complaining about being a mom, dont get me wrong, i could just really use sleep.

Here is the scenario. Due to Lexi's GERD she has to sleep on an incline so she has been sleeping in her fisher price rock n play sleeper (which i love btw and would reccommend to anyone, especially babies with reflux!!) but she has been in this since she was about 6 weeks old. Well now that she is sitting on her own she has outgrown it. She sits up in it and stands and pushes herself out so it is no longer safe. this is where the problem comes in. In this sleeper she sleep from 10-6. Now we are trying to get her used to pack n play cuz since she still stops breathing in middle of night and her heart rate drops we have to be close to her. Well we tried this new bedtime routine with her and it is working great with no problem! The problem is about an hour after she falls asleep she wakes up scared to death and then i pick her up, calm her down, put her in playpen and she sleeps for 5 mins before this process happens again. That was the first night.

Last night we did the same thing, she went to sleep on her own, no tears but woke up bout an hour later. well ryan picked her up and she wouldnt calm down. he handed her to me and as soon as i picked her up she went right back to sleep. i held her til she was fully asleep then back in PnP. this lasted 5 mins and we did this 4 times! finally after i had a nervous breakdwn and cried for 30 mins i gave in. Help please! i cant have a baby sleeping with me until she graduates!! anyone have any advice? tnight we are going to try to put her in her crib  cuz maybe if she cant hear us she will be kay but im not counting on it. idk what to do anymore!! :/ please help someone!!


Ashley @ KiwisandCocktails

I have no idea at her age what to do. I only know what works at Anika's age, and even now, I am no expert. She has had reflux since 6 weeks? and what is this about her stop breathing??

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