Friday, May 6, 2011

Crazy Busy and fun days!

These last few days have been very busy around here! Being in preparation for our upcoming vacation, dr appts 2 days this week for Lexi, trip to the zoo, trip to aquarium, having some friends over, and then a play date/baby food making day with some other mommies!

The first thing I have to report back about is that Lexi's eyes are perfect! He thinks that us seeing her going cross eyed is an illusion and even if she is really going cross eyed then its completely normal! Such a relief it was! and on top of that we were in there and out of there in less than 30 minutes! Talk about being prompt!! That was all Monday. Tuesday we had a lazy day at the house cleaning and packing and then mother in law came over. Wednesday we took a trip to the zoo and then had to run out to mother in laws. And yesterday we had a dr appt and we went to the aquarium with Lexi's bestie Neela and my good friend Gabby and came home and had a little get together with some friends. Overall a few very successful days!

Now come the craziness! This weekend we are going to spend some time with lexi's nanny before we leave for vacay Monday. Then Sunday is my very first Mothers DAy! which I'm excited for because I have a beautiful little girl to celebrate that day. Just a little bummed b/c I thought we were going to be in MO for Mothers Day and the hubby has to work :/ booo!

I probably won't be on here very much once we leave for Vacation because we are going to be very busy with family pics, my sis two graduations, meeting up with friends, and all the other craziness. and then I decided to stay behind with Lexi for an extra week so we can spend some quality time with them. It is very much needed and I am very excited just not looking forward to packing 18 days worth of stuff for a 5 month old lol!!!


Ashley @ KiwisandCocktails

Glad her eyes are ok!! And, have a wonderful vacation. AND, ps. If I ever have to go private again, I will certainly invite you to if it happens, just email me at and I will send you an invite :)

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