Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy 5 month Birthday Lexi!!

Oh my lil cupcake how you are growing so much!! This is a bittersweet thing for mommy & daddy! you are just the cutest little thing ever and such a blessing! You always bring a smile to my face!
***warning- this is long b/c i want to remember everything!! sorry! ***

14 lbs 2 oz
not sure of your length :( 

Tiny little newborn

5 month old baby girl 

Now for the boring stuff I'd like to remember lol

Feeding time at the zoo!  
You love love love to eat!!
You have tried pretty much everything and like just about all of it!
You have slowed down big time on your formula, you show zero interest (dr says this is normal)
you love pedialyte  and hate water (go figure)
You enjoy eating your puffs in your mesh teething thingy and theyre gone in no time!
You are holding your own bottle all the time now :)
You try to feed yourself (which is crazy messy!)
You drink awesome from your sippy cup!

You are pretty good at sleeping.
You are out every.single.night by 9 no matter where you are or what youre doing.
You then sleep til 2 or 3 for bottle then right back st sleep til 6. 
I wish sleeping in would come back but oh well!
You take usually 2 naps everyday if not you are crabby!
You are very happy in the morning always! <3
You are still sleeping in your sleeper due to your GERD.
You slept with mommy & daddy last night for a bit fr the first time in bout 3 weeks.

You have your first tooth!! You got it a couple days ago!!
(she wont let me take a pic of it yet )
You sat up on your own :)
(yes im in her crib with her lol)

You rlled over from your back to your tummy! good job!!

You have this slight obsession with faces and you do it to everyone who holds you (which isn't many people)
We are starting to teach you sign language. 
You are actually starting to let mommy put you down for 5 or 10 mins here and there.
you like to play in your cribs (sometimes, sorta-ish)
You love to talk! anything and everything. you say dada all the time but I don't think its on purpose
You have said mama once accidentally and I almost cried literally. 
You have discovered your feet a while ago but now you think its cool to hold your bottle with them. 
For instance, 
You and your bestie Neela are getting to notice each other. 
We have to watch you very closely cuz you are a jerk sometimes. meanie face. 
You are also soon to get another tooth, one up top. 
You are loving Sophie the Giraffe with her matching giraffe leash. 
You have quite an arm and love love love to throw things now :/
You don't care for your nunu anymore, you prefer your thumb.
This morning when lookin in the morning as your daily routine you realized there was a baby in there and you tried t save her by scratching the mirror to try to get her out and trying t get in the corner in the glass. it was soooooo funny!
You love your walker and we will show you your jumperoo this weekend at nana and pop pops!

Clothes and Diapers
You are wearing disposables pretty much only at night and sometimes during the day.
You are in size 2 diapers now. 
We only have 4 cloth diapers so we dont have enough to fully diaper you yet. 
I can't wait until then, I'm one excited mommy!
You are finally wearing 0-3 month clothes, I totally am surprised!
You can wear some 3-6 month summer outfits but mainly 0-3. 

Laughing & Smiling
This one deserves its own post b/c you do it so much!
You smile at everyone, especially people you are familiar with. 
Laughing, which melts my heart every.single.time, is very often occurence!
You laugh at funny noises, daddy, peek a boo, and when we scare you!
A cuple days ago you laughed so hard that you just screamed and screamed and screamed!
so.very.precious i laughed til i cried! hahaha

You are hilarious and have such a bubbly personality!
You have discovered you can scream (at the top of your lungs)
You do this CONSTANTLY! 
you are oh so dramatic, you are going to be a handful I can already tell.
You are a flirt definitely!
You love to talk to mommy but are shy around others. 

That is pretty much everything my beautiful baby girl. you mean the world and so much more to mommy! It has been a rough but worthwhile road and I love watching you grow everyday even though it is bittersweet! You could never be anymore perfect. Love you so much baby girl!

Neela and Lexi cheesing it up!
kisses for Neela bug
babies with bows- no headbands!
Neela and Gabby with spit up yummy! <3 these girls!
Lexi drinking water from a cup with her nanny!

Happy 5 months Lexi Lynn! <3


Walking by Faith

HOW CUTE IS SHE!! I just want to eat her up!!

It feels like Emma was just turning five months old herself, and now she's nearly eight months old! Where does the time go? :(

Thanks for writing this post! It is SO not boring! I love reading about all of the new things Lexi is doing. :) Keep these posts coming!

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