Thursday, March 24, 2011

Play Date with Neela!!

Today we have had a busy yet fun day already and still have more to go!! We went to the zoo with Lexi's best friend Neela and her parents Mike and Gabby!! It was so fun! the girls are so funny when they are together! They eat, sleep, fuss, etc. at the same time. It's histerical!! Then we went and pierced their ears together. They both did great. Tears of course but did better than expected! Now they both look too cute with pierced ears <3

The hubby and I love Jersey Shore or as I call it 'Jersey Whores' so tonight we are having a lil get together for the finale. We have a couple friends coming over with their kiddos and we are going to bbq and just socialize. It's going to be fun! We are going to have a blast! I'll take pics for sure :)

Well I'm getting back to getting ready so I will post pics tonight or tomorrow!!!



Walking by Faith

Awww, your baby girl is so precious!! I was reading through your posts and had to laugh at how similar we are because that song, "This is the Stuff," was the topic of one of my posts, as well. :)

Thanks for stopping by my blog and reading my post on homemade baby food! I am more than happy to answer any and all questions you might have. I'm going to reply to your questions on my blog, just in case anyone else reading has the same ones. :) However, I have a question for you! How was the ear-piercing experience? I've been going back and forth on doing it with Emma. Baby girls with little earrings are just sooooo cute!


Thank you very much!! She is extra rotten lol but it has been a rough road for that little girl! I love her to death! Your little girl is too cute as well!! That song is my favorite song right now!

Thank you very much for the prompt answer! I really appreciate that! I'm still kinda debating, I'm sold but the hubby isn't.

The ear piercing experience actually wasn't nearly as bad as I had expected. She did cry but of course she cried, it hurt! She was more upset by the alcohol rub and dot placed on her ears. When they did it she did the little Gasp for air, hold her breath, and then scream really loud! I gave her a bottle right after so it kept her pretty calm. She cried a little bit more but eventually she calmed down. She actually cried more for getting put in the car than getting her ears pierced.

There are many pros for doing it at this age. 1. they don't get infected as easily because they dont play with them with their dirty little hands. 2. They forget much faster and you can give them a bottle etc to take their mind off of it. 3. They're not going to remember this when they get bigger.

I hope this helps :) I will definitely be following you :) so I'm sure you will hear more from me!! thanks so much!

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