Thursday, October 11, 2012

Thursday Thoughts

*This week has been a great week! Not that either weeks aren't, but this one? Extra great! Ryan had off on Tuesday and Wednesday so that meant lots of true family time. It was the BEST and long overdue.
*IKEA! This store I hear oh so much about but have never been. Why must you fail me now? It really breaks my heart that I need these picture frames from you and they are $0.99 and I can't have them! Sad day. The closest one? Florida, Texas.
*Lexi has a yeast rash and I have no idea what to do to get rid of it But I really don't want to make a trip to the Dr just for that.
*So many shows on now!! I am ADDICTED to TV, it is bad. Currently? Gossip girl, 90210, Private Practice, Grey's Anatomy, Jersey Shore, and Hart of Dixie. Thank you Netflix and Hulu+ for letting me watch them in my time.
*Pumpkin patches are a blast. We had a ton of fun when we went this year.
*It has been a rough week around here with Lexi. Praying it gets easier, because I have no idea what is wrong. Love my baby girl so much! I think this lack of sleep is getting to me as well.

What are your Thursday Thoughts?


Bech and Marley Evans

What pumpkin patch did y'all go to? We are thinking about going to one near Hammond.

Jack just got over a yeast infection. My dad is a pediatrician, so he just called in some prescription cream. Just call your doctor, and see if he'll call it in without you having to bring Lexi in.

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