Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Grocery Shopping when hungry...

Lately, I have been on a little health kick! I tried Insanity with a friend of mine and she got me hooked. I want to make sure I stick with it before I fork out the money for insanity. Why are these things so expensive? I get it, totally do, but still! So last night while grocery shopping I went on a mission to find me a workout DVD for at home. I went with one by Jillian Michaels- Ripped In 30. We shall see how I like it. I will probably take before and after pics, for my record. Not sure if I will post them or not. Since I started working out Ryan has been saying I need to make sure I'm getting enough protein or it is going to hurt me more than help me. I don't like meat very much, so this is a challenge for me. I have tried many protein drinks And i can't handle them. They make we want to vomit. But 100 grams of protein a day is a ton for me!! I have been trying protein bars left and right (I have a review if them coming) and some of them taste pretty good. I have also been eating a lot of Greek yogurt because it has some serious protein in it. Thanks to Ashley I found some Carnation instant breakfast shakes premaxe and while they are a little pricey, they taste great and have 14g of protein ! I have been looking into shakeology shakes too. I love the idea of them, they are just so so so expensive! Ryan wants to replace dinner with them, but no dinner? That doesn't sound healthy at all. I am also worried how they taste and I couldn't find any samples. Anyone use shakeology?? Yesterday, I went grocery shopping and had to laugh at myself. This is what I had in my cart...

Which of these doesn't belong? The worst part? That was only some of the junk in my cart... fail!



haha, i love the sugar stash! i've heard geeat things about jillian micheals, i hooe you enjoy her dvd :)

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