Monday, October 1, 2012

Italian cooking lesson

Another weekend has passed and it is back to the daily grind!! Saturday I went into New Orleans at my aunts to have a good ole Italian cooking lesson. I wanted to learn how to make my grandma's ever famous red spaghetti sauce. It was such a success! I am excited to try to make it on my own next time. I learned a bunch about cooking in general. My aunt always spoils me! I really look up to her and love her to death, she is like a second mom. She bought me some new knives, a cookbook, and gave me a bunch of my late grandmothers cooking dishes and such. Lexi had a blast playing. My grandpa has a porcelain deer and she kept putting kitchen towels on it saying 'he cold, mommy. He cold, mommy!' Then she took s preety bad spill and it was a downhill battle. Poor baby really hurt her mouth. Today we were lazy and just hung out and cleaned. I made Christmas lists and brainstormed birthday ideas for led. And then, I joined Origami Owl!! I am on the wait list to become a consultant but hopefully that is a quick thing :) I am really excited! It is my first direct sale experience but I have been wanting to try for a while. Prayng it goes well. There is a bunch of stuff I want from them. So keep an ear out for when I become official :)



I can't wait until you're official :) How special that has passed along so many great things to you, the cooking lesson is awesome and will be something you can pass on to Lexi!


what is Origami? yum, I bet you are a great cook! :)

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