Tuesday, October 2, 2012

It's beginning to look a lot like fall...

Did that get a certain Christmas song stuck in your head? If not, you have stronger will than me! Yesterday was October 1st and it was a perfect day for it! It actually felt like fall! I got to wear my jeans and a thin long sleeve shirt, because it was pretty chilly- in the 60's! Perfect weather to bring in the fall season! Why else was it a perfect day? Because a little cupcake baby I know decided 6:30 was an appropriate wake up time. So I made the most of it and got dressed in REAL clothes, did my make-up, and even put random curls in my hair. All by 8am! That is a mom win in my book. Then us girls just hung out. I am so excited to kick off the 'fall season'. The house has been decorated for weeks now (I need to lost pics) and the fall candles are burning. Christmas lists, birthday lists, and final birthday preparations are being made. This weekend we are going to the first pumpkin patch this year! Then making caramel apples. If the weather is chilly then we will have a bonfire with chili and smores. I am so ready for leggings, scarves, hot chocolate, boots, and sweater! Bring on fall :)


Bech and Marley Evans

Which pumpkin patch are you going to? I loved the fall weather yesterday, too! I stopped by the store to get chili ingredients and a fall candle!


I LOVE fall! Bring on the boots and scarfs! :)


It was starting to be fall here, and then this week hit and it's 70 degrees with 90% humidity!! UGH!! Cleveland weather is super unpredictable :-P I can't wait for it to really be fall!

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