Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Mom's Night Out: The Movie

From the moment the commercials hit the internet I knew that seeing Mom's Night Out was a must!! It just looked like such a great faith based movie that encourages. Lately, I have been in the trenches with mothering. I am having a hard time finding a balance between kids, work, marriage, life, cleaning, and everything else going on. Lexi has been having a rough time transitioning to being with a  sitter two days a week and it has been rough. She is going through separation anxiety bad. Also, I think she is experiencing some jealousy over her baby brother. It seems kind of late to me, I mean he is almost 7 months old, but she never had any problems until as of late. She has also just been acting out in general. Trying threes to blame? I am sure they don't help. With so much change going on in her life, her world being completely rocked, could I blame her? Heck no. But it has been tough! Daily I go to bed wondering if I am enough for her. If I am screwing my kids up. If someone else would be a better mother than me. I am SO BLESSED to have these beautiful babies. I can't even imagine screwing them up- that would be my fault! God entrusted these children to me. He chose ME to be their mom. And most days? I don't feel worthy. God knew what he was doing though and I trust him.

This movie was probably the best movie I have ever seen. EVER. Maybe it is because it was exactly what I needed? Maybe it was because I haven't had a night out with friends since Abram was born? Maybe it is just because this is the season of life I am in? Maybe because I could relate to every word Alison (Sarah Drew) said. All I know is that I laughed so hard that I cried and I cried because I felt like Bones (Trace Atkins) was speaking right to my heart. He told me exactly what I needed to hear. Seriously, if you do nothing else for yourself- go see this movie. You will not regret it. I am trying to convince Ryan to go see it with me this weekend. It was that good!! I wish I had unlimited funds to buy all of my mom friends tickets to see this movie. I can not stress enough just how good it was.



I've heard it was good! I wonder if it's still playing - I'll have to check it out. Lord knows, I could use some encouragement right now. It's no joke when they say three is worse than two…and Addie won't be three until the end of July! :) Hang in there momma! You're doing a fabulous job!

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