Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Sibling Love

When I was little and growing up I always knew that I wanted two kids. That was my golden number- I couldn't see myself with more or less than two kids. Looking back that was probably because there were only two of us. After Lexi it took me a really long time to even consider a second kid. Not because I didn't enjoy being a mom but because she was a hard baby. The biggest blessing ever, but the poor kid had a rough first year! Once we decided to have a second baby there were so many thought and emotions involved in it. It is a huge decision! However, it is hands down one of the best decisions we have ever made. The love that Lexi and Abram have is priceless. I find myself melting at least three times a day over how obsessed they are with each other. Siblings make everything better!! Lexi is the greatest big sister ever and always helps as much as she can. Abram just adores Lexi. Anything that she does to/for him is perfect. The age gap for us, was perfect! And once Abram was born and the older he gets the more I am convinced that I need more. So for now? Our story isn't finished! I am so blessed to have Lexi & Abram and if God doesn't want us to have anymore, I am perfectly content with that. But if he opens the door for more? I am in, ha!



SOOO SWEET. I love it. And, I love Lexi's shorter hair cut on hair. And....I cant wrap my head around being completely done.

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