Friday, May 23, 2014

Abram Eats: Round Two

Whenever Lexi was a baby I decided that I was going to make all of her food for her. I really enjoyed doing it, it was cheaper, and I knew exactly what was going into it! It was a win all the way around for me. So when we started talking solids for Abram I knew that I would make his food also. Lexi was a great eater but AR? Puts her to shame. That boy can eat! Lexi kindly nicknamed him 'Pickle Fish' and it fits him because of his love for food. When Lexi turned about a year old I discovered the ease and convenience of baby food pouches. They were easy with a capital E! I loved just being able to grab them and go. And they had some really great combinations that Lexi really seemed to enjoy. In fact, that may have been my favorite part of them. Those little pouches can get pretty pricey when they are running you $1-2!! I shopped around and would never get them unless I could get them for $1 or under, which happened pretty frequently. With so many brands out there someone was constantly having a sale on them. You can't beat that! When I heard about the Infantino Squeeze Station even before I was pregnant with AR I knew I just had to have it! I stalked it for months. Researched it for months. I just could never pull the plug for some reason. For Mother's Day this year this is what I asked for. I have really been looking forward to making pouches for AR and Lexi so it seemed like the perfect gift. My mom said she would get it for me so she just sent me the check- she isn't tech savvy and for some reason it was really hard to find!
I went to go buy it and then I stumbled upon this one. I hadn't heard of it until it was on but it is also a breastfeeding system- which is genius!! If I would have known it existed, I may have gone with it. Talk about time saving. Well, they also make a food system Kiinde Foodii Starter Kit. After researching it a good bit I found that it was about the same price but seems to have better reviews. I was sold. Bonus? sells it so free shipping and returns, yeah buddy! I was excited! I ordered it last Wednesday and it arrived exactly a week later. Kind of a long wait but that is what you get for free shipping, and two of those days were a weekend, so no complaints here. When I opened it, this is what all it had:

The starter kit has the Squeeze bottle to fill the pouches, 2 spouts, 1 spoon, and 10 pouches to get you started. I bought 40 additional pouches to fill to go with the starter kit.  Any questions for me?? Feel free to ask away! I would love to help if I can!!

I filled the initial ten on Monday and here are some of my thoughts. I like how easy to figure out it was, it was basically self explanatory- fill the squeeze bottle with food, insert top into pouches, and fill. However, it was a pain to fill the pouches! I had to take it apart a couple times just to get them filled to a decent amount of food. I am definitely going to keep buying and filling them because they are cheaper and they aren't awful to fill. However, I don't know if I would buy it again. I am interested in the Infantino Squeeze station!! I wonder how it compares.

*I was not compensated for this post, just looking to help other moms interested in making their own pouches!



So, does it puree the food too? Or just fill the pouches?

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