Monday, March 10, 2014

Boosting your milk supply

With all of my struggles with my supply, it finally came to a head last week and I was desperate! The weather was really nasty but I loaded up the kids anyway and headed to GNC. I grabbed brewer's yeast and Mother's Milk Tea. Then I headed to walmart to grab the few ingredients I needed. Once I got home we got to baking! We made lactation peanut butter oat balls and blueberry cheesecake lactation cookies! The recipes are Lactation peanut butter oat balls Blueberry Cheesecake Lactation Cookies. The oat balls I was very nervous about but was pleasantly shocked! They were delicious!!! I absolutely loved them. The cookies though? Awful. I ended up giving the dough to Maverick and putting the cookies in compost. I am trying a different cookie recipe today- either an oatmeal raisin or a chocolate chip one so I will let you know how that one turns out. I have also been taking fenugreek when I can remember- which is basically only Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday when I am at work. The Mother's milk tea I was very nervous about because so many people hate it. But it wasn't nearly as bad as I thought. I don't like hot tea so I added honey, sugar, and milk with ice cubes. I could barely tolerate it so I talked to some of my friends about their experiences. One friend gave me the idea to mix it with another tea, which is what I ended up doing. Lipton makes blackberry vanilla tea and it is very yummy! I boiled water, added 2 mother's milk tea bags, 1 blackberry vanilla, and 1 cup of sugar in 2 liters of water and chilled it. Once it was cooled it was actually pretty yummy! Ryan accidentally threw it away though because he tasted it and thought it was just regular tea that went sour, ha! It really wasn't terrible though. I find it tastes like licorice and the after taste is the worst part of it. No harm in trying it. The biggest thing that helped me though was upping my calories and water intake. That is the easiest and has made such a significant difference. Pumping is a completely different story. I have accepted that I am just not a milk expresser this time around. I hope this has helped anyone out there trying to boost their supply! Keep it up mama and if all else fails, at least you tried all you could!


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