Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Bachelor: Juan Pablo

Wow!!!! That is my first reaction to this season. Let me start off by saying that this was hands down the worst Bachelor season, and Juan Pablo was the worst bachelor. All season long I have literally wanted to punch him in the face and last night? I wish I could have reached him. He is a joke. Completely and ridiculously a jerk. You know it is bad news bears when Chris Harrison (whom I adore!!) is speechless. About three or four episodes in and I was done watching it. I, of course, kept watching it because I started and couldn't just stop but I missed a few episodes. I went ahead and read the spoilers because I was seriously over the season!!

Then last night? Blew my mind. The lack of respect he had for all the women was appalling! Seriously, what  a jerk. I loved how Clare blew up on him and told him how she felt- girl deserved that! And how he reacted afterwards? Totally immature. Just because you have a child does not make you mature, sorry JP. I can not believe that Nikki accepted the rose! I understand that she doesn't want to force things but accepting that rose after all they went through because he 'really like you. a lot.'? Are you serious? Have some self respect, girl!

After the final rose was totally awkward. I don't know how many more times Chris Harrison could have revised his questions just for JP to talk in circles and never answer the question. JP was just downright rude to everyone. It was pitiful! All season long I have definitely gotten the feeling that Harrison wasn't a huge fan of JP but last night it was definitely more evident. This morning I caught a clip of Harrison on GMA and he was explaining that JP fought them basically the whole time on everything. The thing that really got me last night was he kept saying he wants it to be his 'private' life. YOU went on tv in front of millions of people to find love- there is absolutely nothing private about it. That is what you signed up for and fully agreed to. For you to act as you are is completely ridiculous. I sure hope the next season of the Bachelorette is better than this one, because it was definitely a joke. JP definitely is just a player and wasn't there for the right reasons at all. The fact that his family was concerned raised huge red flags right off the bat. Good luck to Nikki- girl you are going to need it! And when y'all break up? I am interested to see your reaction to the show. You know, once you take off those rose colored glasses.

I just love me some Sean and Catherine. Seriously, how cute are they? That is a true love story and a marriage! I think everyone loves them. And I loved both of their reactions- especially Sean's because he has been in the same situation and JP. The difference is Sean is a real man! What were your thoughts on the season and the final episode?


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