Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A Day in the Life: Work Day

I have never done a post like this but I think it is something I may want to look back on one day! So here we go! I work part time (Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday) and this is how our days go right now.
 I wake up at 7:30, usually earlier because Abram is my little early riser. Depending on when he last ate and what time we get up depends on what we do. Usually I feed him and set him down to play on his own and clean up a bit, if he woke up 5:30-6:30. He seems to really love this time with just us and me playing with him. Second kid syndrome at it's finest, ha! I eat breakfast and relax from 7:30-8:00 and then at 8 I start to get ready. Feed Abram at 8:30, this is usually when Lexi is waking up. It varies by how loud we were getting ready. After feeding A man I get Lexi breakfast and she watches tv while I get ready. Her sitter, Miss S., arrives at 9 to help watch the kids while I finish getting ready. I pack my bags- lunch, snacks, pump and dress the kid then head out the door at 9:15.

I work from 10-6, while at work I pump twice for Abram. I get home and relieve Miss S around 6:25ish. Then the race is on, ha! Dinner, getting ready for the next day, bathing and playing with the kids, relaxing, and attempting to get into bed for 10, at the latest. We bath Lexi, let her play for a bit while we watch tv, read books, then off to bed she goes. She is officially sleeping in her big girl bed- huge win for us! Yay Lexi. She typically sleeps all night long- she wakes about 1-3 times looking for her 'friends' but goes right back to sleep.

Abram goes down about 7-8 and then he wakes up around 9 and eats, gets changed for bed, and down for the night until about 1-3, then up for the day anywhere from 5:30-7:30. Ryan and I get our 'us' time in  once the children are in bed. This is new for us, and such a fun thing to look forward to! We usually watch Dexter and relax and cuddle. Then we go to sleep and start over again the next day.


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