Thursday, August 1, 2013


Last week we took Lexi to the movies for the first time since she turned one! I you remember, on her first birthday we took her to see the Muppets. Last night we wanted to see Monsters University but apparently it went outta theaters on Tuesday! What a bummer! So instead we went to see Turbo. It was so cute! We all really enjoyed it and Lexi is officially obsessed with 'Turbo' and 'go fast like Turbo!'. It's pretty adorable. 
How she did? It was interesting! She did pretty well for a two and a half year old but I don't know that I will be taking her back anytime soon. It really stressed me out bc I couldn't get her to stay still or calm down. Just a toddler, I know! She went potty three times in the matter of one hour and thirty six minutes. Does anyone else notice when you are out (shopping, dinner, movies, church, etc) the kids have to potty every 3.4 seconds? Yeah, that was us! Ha. She got popcorn, to choose a candy, and to share coke with us- so food wise? She was in heaven. The candy kept her pretty occupied for a good bit of the time. Until it was gone.. Overall, she did good and had a blast! That's all that matters :) 



Aw. I remember taking my friend's daughter who was 3 to the movies- it was her first time and she had to go potty every 5 minutes! Come to find out, she was afraid of the theater and just wanted to get out in the lights! This was way before I had kids of my own so I had no idea. I know Ani wouldn't sit through a movie. Wait, her sitter took her to one this summer when it was raining and I guess she took her CAR SEAT IN! ha- so she sat in her seat to see and that kept her in her seat. WHen you wrote What a bummer...that made me smile. Anika always says that :)

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